A New Hope For Our Planet

Green Ammonia is a chemical that is our next potential renewable energy source used for cargo ships. Cargo ships alone release 1 billion metric tons of carbon every year! Luckily for us, green ammonia is coming. When you think of ammonia you probably think of the stinky gas. But green ammonia is different. This kind of ammonia is made from the nitrogen in our air (our air is 78% nitrogen). This can be used as a renewable, and carbon-free energy source. This is hope. But just because of this, we can't sit back and let green ammonia do its stuff. We have to keep fighting. 43 billion tons of carbon are released into the troposphere each year. That is heavier than 8 RVs! If anything this should be encouragement that what you are doing matters and you should continue.

Thank you to TED Talks for making this post possible

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