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Updated: Feb 10

The subject of climate change is complex. We read daily about the increasing danger and we all (well most of us) want to do something about it. People take various measures to help whether it is lower their energy consumption, drive an Electric Vehicle (EV), or cut down on buying cow products because cows release methane, and that traps 80x more heat than CO2. Is it enough? My opinion it is not enough alone, but is still required.

What is required is for major corporations, governments, and other global powers fully commit to saving our planet. This has two affects. The first is larger the entity working to save the planet the more these measures will help. But second, this sets a great example for everyone and encourages even more people to try and do their part. That is why when I read this article ( I was really happy. There is no doubt that the US Army is large, and in their job of defending our country and being in a state of readiness have negative effects on the environment. They need to be constantly ready and therefore constantly train. Adopting electric vehicles for even a portion of their transportation needs could really make a difference. I am positive the other branches will follow suit. Plus it is a great example for other parts of our government and other countries.

The damage is far enough long that we need all of you as individuals as well as these large contributors to all chip in. And this is a great example of someone big doing their part.

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