Countries' Struggles With Fossil Fuels

Updated: Feb 12


On December 10, 2021, an Oldelval oil (oil is fossil fuels, and we know what using those and excavating those do) pipe leaked, causing truckloads of fossil fuel filled soil to be removed from the area where other fossil fuel giants like Shell, Total, Wintershell, and Equinor carry out their mining operations.

The Environmental Secretariat there said 900+ fossil fuel accidents happened in the Argentinian Neuquen province in 2018 alone.

Think of your town, your (hopefully) peaceful town. Now, imagine fossil fuel companies doing excavations in your town. Well the Mapuche Indigenous Peoples don't have to, because it is happening where they live. The worst part of all, they oppose oil excavations, and yet oil companies like Shell and Total Energies think they can do this.


Last month 11,900 barrels of oils from Repsol destroyed the jobs of 200+ fishers and also hurt two protected areas. It took almost a week to clean it up.


An underwater oil pipe by Star Petroleum Refining leaked 400,000 liters of oil and wreaked havoc too many ecosystems in the sea. It also will ruin a part of a national park, which is 25 miles away from the leak. In 2013, 50,000 leaked in the same area.


6,300 barrels of oil from OCP spilled after a boulder knocked them over. The oil spill went all the way to a main source of water for many indigenous communities there. Also, a SOTE pipeline exploded, which also affected the same water source.


The Trinity Spirit, an oil storage ship ruptured, leaving 10 sailors missing and affected many towns and ecosystems. The people there want the local government to make a move when oil leaks happen.

Oil Wars

As if fossil fuel leaks don't cause enough damage, there were wars about it! The Gulf War was an example of one. Oil makes some countries want to invade others. Oil wars have been going on for years and years in the Middle East.


This was most likely the biggest post ever done by Project NJ Eco so far, and for a good reason. As influential oil is in our modern society, we believe the damage done by it to the planet, communities, and ecosystems are much greater. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I owe much of this blog post to and to Pascale Hunt. Check out their website to learn more about the damage caused by fossil fuels.

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