June 23, 1988

Updated: Jan 17

For many people they are at the beginning of their time being concerned about global warming. While the subject has been forefront in the news for many years, the issue has taken on a new focus. This is for a multitude of reasons, first being increased new coverage and books about the subject as well as the horrifying increase in major weather events that can be linked global warming.

But the issue is not new. It was raised as being a danger to the world almost 3 ½ decades ago. In 1988, a NASA Director named James Hansen who worked at the NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies discussed the coming danger of global warming before the U.S. Senate Energy commission.

Hansen’s full testimony can be found here . But he raised these three main points that were, if anything, less than the actual side affects that came true.

1) The Earth has gotten warmer and will continue to do so.

2) That this was due to the Greenhouse Effect

3) Summer heatwaves and other extreme weather events will take place.

The Earth’s surface temperature has taken a 6 fold increase that the average for the 20th century. So not a lot has been done to curb this danger in the 33 years since he spoke out.

Understanding the problem is not new and that not enough has been done, is key to drive home the fact to all of us that we are in a critical phase.

Please take a look at what Dr. Hansen spoke about and think about what you can do. In another 33 years it will be too late and we won’t be able to fix it anymore…

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