Manmade Polymers

Updated: Feb 10

Manmade Polymers are more commonly known as plastic. As many know, plastics take a long period of time to decompose. It takes 2000 years for most plastic items to naturally decompose, plastic bags take around 20 years to naturally decompose, and plastic bottles take 450 years to decompose. Sadly, unlike natural polymers, like trees; moss, fungus, and mushrooms do not break down manmade polymers. Because of that, to speed up the process, the only solution is to burn them (not everything is usually incinerated luckily, only plastic bags, utensils, bags, and takeout containers are because they take longer to decompose). But, that also takes a while. Burning things creates CO2, and as long as the plastic is being burned, more and more CO2 is released. It also releases harmful gases into the air. So, instead of throwing that plastic bottle in the garbage can, put it in the recycling can so it can hopefully be used for other things! (Sadly sometimes just putting things in a recycling bin is just putting things in a garbage can with a different name)

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