Science Leads the Way

Updated: Feb 12

In a previous post we learned about the negative affects of plastics on our environment ( The horrifying longevity of plastic based waste and the importance of recycling.

As we know though, science never rests and sometimes in the most dire situations the strength of science comes through. But if you are like me you believe by putting the right items in the recycling bin it will be recycled. Evidently that is not always true. (Please don’t think I am saying recycling is not valuable). This article ( discussed one such effort where the recycling process can be optimized to create new products. One thing I learned was that recycling is difficult and often not successful. By breaking down plastics into smaller molecules then new products can be created and the recycling process optimized. Science is awesome.

If your wondering how this connects to Global Warming, here is your answer. To shorten the process, plastic is sometimes burned, which releases CO2 (and many other harmful gases) into the atmosphere. This heats up the Earth even more.

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