The Future Of Global Warming

I believe that to understand what to do now, we have to understand what the future looks like. Well, we are going to look at homes that have solar panels as compared from 2020 and 2021. In 2020, 16 million homes in the US have solar panels. In 2021, 22 million homes have solar. Looking at electric car sales, in 2020, 2 million people had electric cars in US. In 2021, 7 million people had electric cars.

Best of all, there is the first flying car! And the thing is, it is electric. If I am correct within a year or so, the 1% will start buying these. Later, car companies like Tesla will start manufacturing them, which makes it available to more people! Then Ford, then Nissan, then Toyota, and so on!

This is what I call an improvement. If it improves even more in 2022, I think the Earth is going to get better. But this doesn't mean we can rest. A few million is nothing compared to the 7 billion people on Earth. And if we rest, the number won't get higher, only decline.

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