UK Oil Company Announced £12bn In Quarterly Profits

This February a UK fossil fuel company named Shell announced £12bn made in quarterly profits. This was the highest in 8 years. What does this mean? Well, this means that companies are starting to buy more oil. Which means that these companies are supplying more and more people with oil-powered devices.

The reason why I am enraged is because oil comes from fossil fuels, mining fossil fuels releases huge amounts of CO2, but when people use fossil fuels, it releases even MORE CO2, which traps heat, and warms up the planet. And the worst part about it, the people that are using them are killing themselves and the planet without even realizing it!

We need to go green! Don't use the oil ovens and stoves, replace them with electric ovens and stoves! (they look cooler in my opinion) Or, you can simply plant more trees to soak up CO2! Earth needs all the help it can get. And by even just planting a tree, getting solar panels, or getting electric ovens and stoves, YOU are being a hero of the Earth.

I must give credit where credit is due, this post was powered by a post from by a woman named Matilda Borgstrom! Check out the post: (

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