Why Global Warming Is Real

Updated: Mar 13

Global Warming is the cause of rising global temperatures since 1901. This international temperature has risen 2˚F, that does not seem like much, but it is enough to make 95% of artic ice bergs melting.

On the Alaskan shore, my good friend Jasmine from ARIES was able to see ice chunks all year-round, but now, she is not able to see them during the summer at all. Ice bergs there melting makes more water, which makes the beach erode, and under it even. The people of the island are scared of the entire island sinking because of that. Also, the temperature there has risen even risen 6.8˚F from 1949-2018.

Because of global warming, the Austrian border is pushing into Italy’s. The reason is, the border is separated by a water line that comes from mountain snow, because of ice melting, the waterline has shifted, which is giving Austria more territory.

Increasing hurricanes are caused by rising temperatures caused by global warming, why? Well, heat gives water more energy. Which allows for more hurricanes.

Lastly, the increasing temperatures add more heat to the triangle of fire (oxygen, heat, fuel). Which makes forests more prone to more wildfires.

I will rest my case at this point, at the end of the 19th century, scientists were concerned of the beginning of the Earth's cooling cycle, dropping us into another ice age. Now, these cycles are supposed to be millions of years long. But 1890 is not 1 million years ago. Yet, your house is not in ice (it might be in snow, but that is just natural), and the temperature is rising!

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