Worldwide Effects of Global Warming

All over the world, people are being affected by global warming. Some are getting droughts, why? Because some people rely on water from melting snow from the top of mountains. But global warming melted all of the snow, and left none left. So certain communities are deprived of their water source. People will start to experience much worse hurricanes, the reason is that warmer water generates more energy. Same with storms and tornados, warmer air generates more energy, therefore causing more thunderstorms and tornados. People who live in-land will experience more heatwaves, in fact, 2020 was the hottest year on record! Because of that, heat-caused illnesses have occurred more often than usual, and strokes from the heat have caused death. Wildfires have been spreading more easily, and are more prone to occur. Also, the sea level is already rising! Since 1880, the sea level has rose 10 inches! So we need to start fighting for Earth's future.

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